Cushion Hooking Kit - Ewe and lamb

Cushion Hooking Kit - Ewe and lamb

Hooked By Design
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Make this into a little picture or a cushion by sewing extra fabric around the finished hooked piece.

This kit contains:
Full hooking instructions

  • A custom made hooking tool
  • Ample yarn
  • Pattern/design on the hessian
  • A colour swatch
  • A simple ‘hooking by numbers’ pattern
  • A full-colour image of the finished kit

Size: 10.5″ x 7″ approx

Some kind of frame is essential when hooking- it holds the hessian taut, freeing both hands for hooking which helps to keep the loops even. You may already have a frame that you use for embroidery, canvas work or cross stitch that can be adapted for hooking.