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Cat Keyring “Confuses you”
Cat Keyring “Confuses you”

Cat Keyring “Confuses you”

The Little Dog Laughed
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This cat keyring stars the rather fabulous Preston. A very handsome boy with the biggest set of paws any moggie could wish for. In fact they are so big he even has an extra toe! Our Little Dog keyrings are REALLY, REALLY nice.  Furry puppy honour.  Featuring the selected design on both sides which looks great as it twirls.  It also contributes towards the fantastic weighty feel of the keyring.

Add to this the delicious patterned backing board which compliments Little Dog flip notebooks and there is almost certainly the perfect gift idea.

Need some technical details?

All keyrings come packaged on a designer backing board and cellophane wrapped.

They measure in at 11cm x 11cm on their backing card and the keyring itself has a 5cm diameter.