Amazing Extinct Animals Fact Cards

Amazing Extinct Animals Fact Cards

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Each animal card features my illustration on one side with the animals common name, then their scientific name, where they lived, what they ate and when they went extinct along with 3 facts, one of each is why they are now extinct on the back, and as with our other cards the background colour shows you where in the world they came from. 

36 cards per pack, 1 key card and 35 animal cards.

This set includes

Bubal Hartebeest

Woolly Mammoth



Pinta Island Tortoise

Great Auk

Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seal Nasal Mite

Western Black Rhinoceros

American Lion

Giant Fossa

Bermuda Saw Whet Owl

Formosan Clouded Leopard

Irish Elk

Golden Toad

Sabre Tooth Tiger

Japanese Honshu Wolf

Giant Ground Sloth

Passenger Pigeon


Christmas Island Pipistrelle

Tecopa Pupfish

Spix Macaw

Japanese Sea Lion

Pyrenean Ibex

Malagasy Hippopotamus

Caroline Parakeet

Spotted Green Pigeon

Broad Faced Potoroo

Giant Short Faced Kangaroo

Polynesian Tree Snail

Giant Moa

Siberian Unicorn

Stellars Sea Cow

Tasmanian Tiger

The object of these cards is to introduce you to some of the truly amazing animals that once walked this earth but are now lost forever, some due to a change in climate and lots due to our effect on the planet.