Amazing Animal Fact Cards
Amazing Animal Fact Cards
Amazing Animal Fact Cards
Amazing Animal Fact Cards

Amazing Animal Fact Cards

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Use the cards to learn more about some of the amazing animals that we share the earth with, then play against each other to see who knows more, scoring points for all the facts that you know, with a bonus five points for remembering their scientifc names. Each card is also colour cordinated in a range of colours to show which area of the earth they are found in. Each card is full of amazing facts about the animals. 
There are lots of different ways to play and they really do appeal to all ages. 
Some ways we play, are to match up toys to the cards, to play snap with the coloured backgrounds, to find the carnivores and the herbivores, to simply identify the animals, to remember facts to win the cards, as well as using them as resources at drawing time and as inspiration for writing stories. We love hearing how you play with yours too.

Pack contains :

36 cards
1 key card
35 animal cards

Set 1 includes : 

Atlas Moth
Rockhopper Penguin
Thorny Dragon
African Elephant
Proboscis Monkey
Atlantic Puffin
Panda Ant
Snow Leopard
Sun Fish
Pygmy Three Toed Sloth
Pink Fairy Armidillo
Canada Lynx
Leatherback Turtle
Scallop Hammerhead Shark
Bowmouth Guitarfish
Giant Anteater
San Francisco Garter Snake
Dumbo Octopus
8 Spotted Crab Spider
Brwon Long Eared Bat
Blue Footed Booby
Blue Dragon Sea Slug
Blob Fish
Beluga Whale

Approx size 78mm x 108mm